It’s Not Just A Job, It’s An Adventure!

At GymEtc. we are focused on providing a great experience for our families & staff. We want to create an environment that promotes safety, excellence, and fun! The key to success is having staff that are hard working, honest, and positive. We believe in working together, paying competitively, and always finding ways to help our staff team be the best they can. Are you a good fit? If you want to join our team, fill out the application below

Why Join Our Team?


Most classes start after 3 PM and wrap up before 8 PM. This is a great opportunity for those who wants freedom during the day and still have options for a night life.


Regardless of where you start in the company, you can advance. We are continually crafting opportunities to help people pursue higher levels of coaching or move into marketing, administrative work and more.


One of the ways we invest in our team is through certification programs. For example, CPR and First Aid are just two of the opportunities we offer. These skills are not only valuable for your career but, for life in general.


We strive for Safety, Excellence, and Fun! Our staff is laid back, our leader ship is down to earth, and we’re understanding. Let’s have fun while being the best darn team there is!

Team Members Needed

We are currently looking for the following team members:

  • Recreational Gymnastics Coach
  • USAG Certified Team Coach

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